Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So this is a challenge that I heard about thru Daniel Warren and Dave Rapoza. Basically what you do is find 3 things at least, that you want to improve on as an artist.Then write down steps your going to take to get to each of  your end goals, deadline: 365 days. At least one of your challenges should be non art related because we realize not all of our struggle with our art career is necessarily directly related to art. For instance if you work at a job that requires a ton of your time, and it makes you tired, and its a job you'd rather not have, one of your goals could be to gain freedom from this situation and place yourself in a position where your working doing what you like, and not spending a ton of time on a job that's doing absolutely nothing for your art career.

With that being said, lets get into my goals,
Goal: 1)Get better at art   obviously*
Steps:   Study everyday for a year- EVERYDAY! NO EXCEPTIONS
            Make studies relevant to personal art
            Win a challenge on an art site
            Set up a livestream and stream away
            Start a blog
            Enroll in at least 1 cgmw class
            Study format should be Copy, Memorize, Apply. *relevant to personal art
                    (copy and image that has something to do with personal piece, memorize the study and
                      do it without ref, apply the study to personal art)

Goal: 2)Develop a portfolio
Steps:   Make one portfolio piece a month
            Get an image in a magazine or in the first page of an art site
            Study and read up on Entertainment Illustration

Goal: 3)Stop procrastinating and just do it!
Steps:   Make up something to do everyday for a week (doesn't have to be art related)
                ex. get up a 6 every morning, do 10 pullups, walk backward through every doorway you cross.
            Say NO to things that are going to interfere with doing art or any of my challenges
            Pick something to do everyday for a year

Goal: 4)Study fundamentals every month
Steps:   January) Full Body Anatomy
            February) Heads-Torso
            March) Arms- Legs
            April) Hands-Feet
            May) Value-Color
            June) Texture-Lighting
            July) Composition- Perspective
            August) Dramatic pose- Expression
            September) Animal anatomy- Insects
            October) Fantasy characters- Mechs
            December) Landscape-Cityscape
Here's a link to the Deathline post

Monday, December 26, 2011

New New

Finally decided to make a blog and get my man diary started. Here's where I'll post my journey. Lets Gooo!!